Danielle Victoria's Major Contributions Extends More Clearly Through New Portfolio Brands

Gumbo w/ Grandma: Cooking
Guac on Naan: Restaurant
Flashing Lights: Presentation
5 o'clock productions: Production
DV: Packaging
Liam: Youth
Victoria: Women's
Who is Alina Estella: Acting
Strong Girls: Women's Support
Radiance: Beauty
Nella Dean: Foundation
Love At First Taste: Television

Prolific brand engineering is one of the skills Danielle Victoria Laditan has been known for in creative and business communities. We look forward to following her through ever step of her brand journeys.

Discover Danielle's Website: https://www.danielle-victoria.com/

@dannyvic247 I’ve been seeing this salad everywhere so this is my attempt at the infamous emerald kale salad. #salad #kale #hillstone #fyp #houstons #dinner #honorbarsalad #traderjoes ♬ I Wish you Roses - Kali Uchis